New Home For By His Grace Christian Ministry’s Website !!!!

The move was successful, thanks be to God!

Our NEW HOME is now at ByHisGrace-Butler.com.  (Click the link and you’ll be directed to our new home.)

Please visit us there and don’t forget to bookmark our new location!  You’re going to like what we’ve done!

You can also contact us at our email address: ByHisGrace.mail@gmail.com

Pastor Herman C. Rushing, Jr.


We welcome you to By His Grace Christian Ministries, located in Butler, PA.  Our prayer  is that the content of this website may encourage and strengthen you in your walk with the Lord today!

If you’re ever in Butler, PA on Sunday morning, we invite you to come worship with us.  You’ll find an enthusiastic, Jesus loving, christian community.  And you’ll have a wonderful time in the process!

Thanks again for visiting, and we look forward to seeing you in the near future as well.

Be blessed.